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Sous Vide...Simple and Consistent

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Even though Sous Vide means "under vacuum", you won't feel any pressure in learning this popular cooking technique that actually delivers consistent and time saving results.

Restaurants have long been using sous vide cooking because it provides consistent and accurate results that no other culinary process can achieve. No longer reserved for fine-dinning establishments, this method of vacuum sealing food in a bag and accurately cooking it at a precise temperature has found its way to a vast array of kitchens and cuisines world-wide.

Step One: Attach the immersion circulator to a container of water and set the TIME and TEMPERATURE corresponding to your desired degree of doneness.

Step Two: Using a vacuum sealer, place your food in a bag and secure it to the side of the container.

Step Three: Finish by grilling, broiling, or searing the fool to create a crispy outer layer.

The results are controlled, consistent and produce higher yields. Simple, consistent and time-saving all rolled into one convenient tool that can be utilized to create quality items in any restaurant's menu.


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