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Sous Vide.....Pickles are Easy Canning

Fresh from the garden to the sous vide....Pickles!

Perhaps from a farm stand; find bushels of cucumbers...

or your home garden....gather your veggies; bell peppers, purple peppers, moles, habaneros even ghost!

Harvest your cilantro, rosemary, Greek oregano and mint!

Step 1: Set water to 140 degrees

Step 2: Inspect and clean your jars-quart size work best

Step 3: Select your brine: a basic recipe lets you create several flavor profiles in one batch

Step 4: Prep ingredients; remove stems, rinds etc.

Step 5: Loan up those jars; cucumbers, veggies, herbs and ground spices

Step 6: Close jars fingertip tight - not more

Step 7: Cook for 2.5 hours

Step 8: Rest at room temperature overnight

Prepare to partake in pickle paradise!

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